I'm petite & 110lb – men are always shocked by my huge 32G boobs that spill out of a bikini | The Sun

A PETITE influencer has claimed that men have been left stunned after they realized she has huge 32G boobs.

The TikToker, known as Charlotte, shared a snap posing in front of the mirror that showed her breasts hanging out of her bikini.

Charlotte revealed that she weighs 110 pounds and is five foot three inches tall.

She teased in a TikTok clip: “Guys are always surprised to find…”

Then, she revealed that she has 32G breasts as she danced in front of the mirror.

Fans were left stunned by the revelation, with one saying: “Omg”.

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Another commented: “Did not see that coming.”

A skeptical viewer doesn't appear to believe the influencer's story as they said: “Ain’t no way.”

And, a stunned TikToker commented: “Damn that’s crazy.”

She has repeated the fact several times across different TikTok videos.

In one clip, she claimed that girls in high school would make fun of her for being flat-chested.

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But, other influencers are more conscious about how they feel about their appearance.

One TikTok user, known as Carragh, has claimed she has been trolled over her boobs.

Lifestyle creator Callie Wilson revealed that her favorite bra makes her feel more comfortable and confident.

She said the undergarment makes having big boobs more bearable.

She said that the $34  Skims Fits Everybody Scoop Neck Bra in a medium is a perfect size.

Viewers expressed similar feelings about their boob size and were inspired by Callie's recommendation.

"Bestie I feel the EXACT same way, might have to try this one out," an excited fan commented.

Another viewer agreed: "I swear by these because u convinced me MONTHS ago."

"This is so real and relatable," a supporter added.

But, content creator Hari Beavis admitted that she used to hate her boobs when she was a teen, but years later, embraced her look.

She wrote over a video of herself frowning: “Younger me hating my boobs because I didn't know hot to dress or feel confident at 15.

“23-year-old me realizing I have big boobs and can still look sexy with the right clothes. And I now help young girls do the same.”

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