I'm in the 'itty bitty' committee – puberty didn’t give me boobs, just anxiety, but people say I'm gorgeous without them | The Sun

NO ONE escapes puberty unscathed, but everyone comes out with different scars.

One woman opened up about her harrowing puberty journey, but she fielded reassurance from viewers who loved her just the way she is.

Megan Player (@0800barbietingz) lamented her bust size in a pair of clips on her TikTok.

In the first video, Player recreated the experience of puberty with some dramatized play-fighting.

She captioned the clip, "How hard puberty hit me."

As a punching sound effect played in the background, Player swatted feebly at the screen, labeling the half-hearted hit "boobs."


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Then, she sucker-punched the air, as puberty hit her with a massive bout of "anxiety."

"Still have no boobs and a WHOLE lot of anxiety," she confessed in the caption.

She appeared teary-eyed in another video where she was candid about her insecurities and feelings of being "undesirable."

"I just want a pair of boobs," she wrote, using the cherry emoji to stand in for the word.

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Her viewers said the video was "relatable," and she wrote back with affection for her fellow small-chested ladies.

"Sending love to the itty bitty t***y committee," Player responded to a commenter.

Her fans flooded the comment section with reassurance, encouragement, and praise.

"No, you're way too beautiful to be stressing about that," one wrote. "Look at you!"

"You're so perfect as you are though," another said.

The fans refused to believe Player could get any better.

An admirer said, "Honey, you're gorgeous even without it"

Others compared her to celebrities.

"Babes, supermodels like Kendall Jenner look similar," a fan said. "You are stunning just the way you are, trust me."

"You're genuinely an angel," another said, and one called her "the definition of pretty."

"The world isn't the same after puberty," a fellow woman sighed.

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One bustier viewer begged Player to swap places.

"If I could give you mine I would," she wrote. "I would die to look like you."

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