I’m fat and liberated – I think I’ve got a perfect body, but some trolls disagree | The Sun

A MIDSIZE woman has celebrated her body – belly rolls and all – in a new video, claiming it is perfect.

But the nasty trolls were pretty quick to comment.

But they didn’t reckon on Awitchydream’s (@awitchydream) popularity, and her followers responded by behaving a whole lot better and offering a whole lotta love.

In her TikTok post, Awitchydream appeared jumping joyously on her bed.

She wore a black crop top halter neck, and matching shorts, and her hip-length hair hung loose.

A Regina Spektor song, ‘Folding Chair’, provided the perfect set of lyrics.

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Awitchydream lip-synched and her video was captioned: “I’ve got a perfect body.”

Her smile was a mile wide as she continued: “But sometimes I forget.”

Midway through her post, she pulled her shorts down and revealed her ample belly rolls.

“Your body is perfect,” she said, “because it’s yours.”

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There was a huge response to her fat liberation video.

There were over 361,000 likes, 12,000 comments, and another 8,000 shares.

Among the comments, the trolls were trounced, and her fans buoyed up her glowing confidence, in case she needed any more buoying.

One fan, typical of many similar comments, said: “I’m sorry for all the mean comments. They’re just ignorant and you’re gorgeous.”

Another follower agreed: “Ignore the negative comments. These are just people without self-esteem and respect. You’re beautiful the way you are.”

Many supported her body positive attitude: “You are absolutely gorgeous and don’t you forget it.”

“You’re literally perfect,” said another.

“Please the dancing literally gives me joy," said this fan.

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While this viewer was inspired: “You are so perfect and amazing. I love your positivity.”

Finally, her post made a huge impact on her followers and they wanted her to know that: “This made my whole day, thank you.”

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