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AN INTERIOR expert has revealed the ultimate hack to keeping the heat in your home this winter.

Kay Wallett said there are “no fancy tricks necessary” for a toasty living room when temperatures drop… you just need a trusty pair of curtains.

According to the fabric expert, a good pair of curtains will save you a fortune on gas and electricity. 

They’ll also keep gusts of draught at bay.

Google reported a record rise in the number of searches related to door curtains in 2022 as the cost of living crisis pinched Britain’s purses.

Wallett said: “This is undoubtedly related to the energy crisis, which has seen Brits exploring a myriad of solutions to keep the heat in and the cold out.”

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She advised investing in thermal door curtains “to keep your home warm”. 

The Head of Fabrics at curtain makers Terrys also recommended blackout blinds for keeping the heat in.

She noted: “The lining used in some blackout blinds can be up to three times better than that used in thermal blinds. 

“Meaning that as well as effectively blocking light out, blackout blinds can actively boost room temperatures by improving the insulation, working to keep heat in and eliminate draughts.”

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They’re also handy for light sleepers by keeping the room dark no matter how bright the winter sun is outside.

According to Terrys, draughty doors can cause up to 15% heat loss in your home.

And when heat escapes, your central heating system has to overcompensate to replace it and your bills go up.

Wallett advised: “Don’t overlook a persistent draught.

“Invest in a draught excluder to plug any gaps you might be losing heat through, and enjoy a cosier home.”

Draught excluders are pillow-like guards used to stop cold air from entering your home.

They’re typically placed in front of entry points like doorways and windows.

Wallett said: “Sometimes, simple, yet effective solutions are right in front of your eyes. 

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“No fancy tricks necessary and you can ditch the foil. 

“Just invest in a few quality items and boost the thermal efficiency of your home for years to come, with Terrys.”

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