I’m an estate agent – here is the most ridiculous demands clients have made when they ring me in the middle of the night

ONE estate agent has revealed the most ridiculous demands she gets from clients – with some even calling her up late at night.

Cass. a real estate agent in Austin Texas, revealed that one client text her at night to say that there was an emergency issue at the house she just bought, which turned out to be just a lightbulb that needed changing.

Taking to her TikTok account, Cass shares the incident where she called a client who panicked immediately after being told that there was an "emergency" issue.

Posting under the domain @atx.realestate, Cass reenacted the incident with the client, in a post, she captioned "I’ll need some extra melatonin tonight."

"Karen has an emergency," says Cass as she calls the client and asks: "Hey Karen, is everything OK? I got your text that you have an emergency" to which the client responded: "There's a lightbulb out at the house."

Confused, Cass responded saying: "A lightbulb" to which the client responded: "Ya, someone needs to come to fix this."


Cass explained to the woman that due to the fact that she is now the owner, and that there was no issue with the light, it would be her responsibility to change her own lightbulb, but the client immediatly kicked off.

"It's 10.30 at night. This is NOT an emergency" said Cass to which the client responded: "I didn't pay $500k for my house to have defects."

Cass told 'Karen' "We had your final walk-through when you moved in, this would have needed to be addressed then. You're the owner now, this kind of maintenance is part of homeownership."

The client then began to get irate, saying that the estate agent was only nice until she was paid.

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"What do I even pay you for? You're useless. You get your paycheque, and then you're just no help at all. I'll find someone who can actually help me.

In another post, Cass revealed that when clients are putting in an offer, they try to haggle the price way down, even though the estate agent explains to them that this will not work.

Captioning her post "Karen wants to put in an offer," she told the client "So they do have multiple offers and based on the neighbourhood, I would say that houses are going for about" before being cut off by Karen who said, "offer 350k."

Cass replied: "So this house is listed for 400k, and on average, the neighbourhood is selling for about 10% over."

The client insisted that she felt the house was not worth that much and that the sellers didn't even get in the house for the offer she wanted to make.

I can guarantee you, that with multiple offers, 350k is just not gonna put us in the running" to which the client responded: "YOU are my realtor, you HAVE to write up my offer."

"Well, they overpaid," said the client.

Cass said: "OK well I can guarantee you, that with multiple offers, 350k is just not gonna put us in the running" to which the client responded: "YOU are my realtor, you HAVE to write up my offer."

The post has been viewed 94.5k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"This is why I became a broker. I just watch the agents deal with these types of people" commented one person.

Another said: "Just do it and watch her be confused about why she didn't win. Silly people."

"Then she's gonna make a fuss because her 'offer' wasn't accepted" commented a third.

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