I’m an elegance expert – so many people are guilty of making a huge mistake when wearing sunglasses…it’s a cardinal sin | The Sun

AN ELEGANCE expert has revealed a mistake most people make when they're wearing sun glasses.

She has suggested an alternative way to sport the shades to ensure you look as sharp as possible.

The advice is part of a series of TikTok videos in which Amira Bessette – an etiquette coach – gives tips on how to conduct yourself in the most elegant way possible.

In the video Amira can be seen holding some snazzy shades and saying: "one mistake you should never wear when wearing sunglasses."

She puts the shades on top of her head and wags her finger at the camera to signify the cardinal sin.

The expert then picks up a case and advises they should be put in a pouch instead.

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The clip has caused a stir online and has more than 800 likes.

Some viewers agreed with Amira but others thought this was a step too far.

One person commented: "Wow! didn't know this one," and another said "please do more of these."

But a third wrote: "Some things may not be elegant but are beautifully spontaneous."

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The TikToker gained her etiquette expertise after she graduated from finishing school and has an army of 562,000 followers.

Other videos she has posted include advice on which shoes, hairstyles and coats are the most elegant.

This is not the only time a fashion blunder has made the news recently.

In October we told of three style mistakes that instantly ruin your outfit.

The wrong shoes, underwear and even coat can make an otherwise stylish outfit look mismatched and tacky, Shalonda explained.

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