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THERE'S a fine line between what’s considered elegant and what’s not.

An elegance coach just revealed three tips she believes women should follow if they want to be seen as classy by other people.

Fashion expert and TikToker and Anastasia posted a now-viral clip that has received a lot of feedback.

The first elegance tip in her video is to avoid wearing long, colorful, eccentric-looking acrylic nails.

Anastasia says: “Elegant ladies don’t want neon nails. Or any colors that look desperate…

“[These nails] are not sophisticated and attract way too much attention."

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Instead, Anastasia suggests wearing colors that are more natural and neutral.

“Creams, pinks, whites, burgundy, reds. My personal favorite is red nail polish — it just drives men crazy," she says.

Anastasia's second tip is to avoid wearing worn-down handbags with peeling pieces, sun damage, or visible rips.

She says: “Your bag doesn’t need to be a designer bag to look chic and classy. It should just be in great condition."

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The first example she shows is a brown bag with tattered edges and straps that should probably be thrown out.

The second example she shows is a black bag that looks shiny and brand new for an elegant woman's closet.

Anastasia's last elegance tip is to stop wearing oversized patterned tunics.

“[These] are very popular among plus-size girls… This is just a disaster,” she explains.

“There are so many different ways to visually look smaller if you want to,” Anastasia says while giving a thumbs down to tunics.

One of the examples she shows is a plus-size model wearing a long skirt covered in colorful stripes with a long-sleeve white shirt tucked in on top as a classier option.

While there are plenty of people in the comment section questioning who truly gets to define elegance, several other people agree with Anastasia's concepts.

One person wrote: “People who are against this aren’t elegant. Period.”

“Elegant is a type of aesthetic. Anyone who gets offended that their over-the-top nails don’t fit into this aesthetic can find a different one to try,” someone else added.

A third woman wrote: “Only red nails for me! Classy and timeless!”

“I do agree here. Simple, yet classic equals elegant,” someone else commented.

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