I'm an elegance coach – there's a simple everyday item to invest in that will immediately elevate your look | The Sun

A TIKTOK elegance coach has spilled the number one tip for always looking classy and put together.

Karina Molostova, known on TikTok as millidollarlady, says adding a pair of high-quality sunglasses to your looks can always help you appear stylish.

The TikTok user explained: "It will completely elevate your classy look and it will take all of your outfits up a few notches.

“You will look mysterious and put together with minimal effort."

Molostova insists sunglasses are "such an easy way to dress up any single look and not put very much effort in."

And fans seemed excited by the simple hack, with one writing: "YESSS! 😍🙌 I LOVE my Celine sunglasses."

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"They’re my absolute favorite!” wrote another.

Molostova posts videos based on tips for building wealth, investing, and fulfillment.

She says she immigrated to America from the USSR when she was eight years old.

According to her website, by the time she was in her twenties, she was a millionaire through her own businesses and investing.

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“Here is a conversational, but true statement,” the website reads.

“As women, if we want to pursue our dreams, we must be independent.”

It continues: "Many women get married, have kids, settle for getting paid less, repeat in their families footsteps and in the process they give up on their dreams.”

Molostova preaches that this kind of dependency can cause women to stay home, be paid less, and fall back.

“As women, there is literally nothing stopping us to become wealthy,” she says on her website.

"The only thing that will stop you is your beliefs, knowledge, and passion to become wealthy."

Meanwhile, researchers have found that sunglasses make people much likelier to ogle.

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Those in shades lech over the scantily clad more often and for longer when nobody can see them doing it, they discovered.

And oglers were even found to turn their heads away to disguise further what they were looking at. 

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