I'm an elegance coach and I did a H&M haul to see if highstreet could really be classy – I was shocked with the results | The Sun

YOU probably associate classy outfits with a hefty price tag – but that might not actually be the case.

To find out, elegance coach Anna Bey did a huge H&M haul and put the clothes to the test.

After hunting down all the "classy and expensive looking items" on the site, Anna tried them all on to give her verdict.

First up was a tweed dress in white and black that looked very chic off the bat, and Anna was a fan too.

She said: "Tweed dresses like this I would say do look elegant and classy, this is the easiest way if you want to look classy on a budget."

But be careful what shows you pair your posh dress with, the wrong style can make your look go from classy to trashy in an instant.


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That's what the fashion fan discovered when she tried on a pair of knee high boots for more of an autumnal look.

"This is an epic fail," Anna said, trying on the boots that didn't fit her well at all and came up way too high.

Even when worn with trousers instead of a dress the bargain boots were a big no-no for the elegance coach, but luckily the next item was a winner.

The long-sleeve ribbed knit top turned out to be a highstreet must have, "I can tell you that in fall and winter long sleeve, simple tops in this colour is something I wear everyday," Anna said.

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And if you want to add a bit of colour to your autumn wardrobe, H&M had the perfect dress for you – but you might need to add a belt.

The blue midi-dress looked fit for Kate Middleton once Anna added a belt to make it "more form fitting."

It's not the only dress that Anna loved though, if you're after something for a posh dinner, the off-shoulder black dress looked so chic – and the best part is it's only £24.99.

Anna said: "I like that fact it covers while showing off your figure, so this would be great if you want to look feminine on a night out or dinner but don't want to wear a short dress, it's quite sexy."

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