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WHEN it comes to rebuilding a relationship after an affair, it’s inevitably going to take a great deal of time and patience. 

And no one knows that better than Rece, an affair recovery expert who regularly shares advice with her 117k followers on her TikTok account @Rece_Affair_Recovery. 

And in a recent clip, the marriage coach revealed the one thing that cheaters always say to her after having a fling – and why it just proves the grass is always greener. 

“So as an affair recovery page, I get a lot of messages from people who left their partners,” Rece begins, “and started a relationship with their affair partners.” 

“And multiple of them tell me that they regretted it,” the counsellor continues. 

“Now I know that I go off a lot of my own experiences and research that I’ve done,” the relationships whizz adds, “but I also use your guys' messages to me, obviously when I get them approved.”

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“You need to understand that multiple people have told me that not only did they leave their first original marriage, they started a relationship with their affair partner, only to realise that the things that I am saying are 100% true.” 

She then points out that without the advice of a relationship expert such as herself, cheaters “just thought that they had met the love of their life, their soulmate, so they go and chase after it”.

“Really, it was just feeling and emotions and limerence, and later on down the road, they realise that this person is not better than their original husband or wife.” 

So Rece’s advice would be to always try and keep a level head, and not get caught up in the romance of how you imagine someone you barely even know. 

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“There are major problems with everybody,” Rece says, “and feelings fade.” 

“Heed my warning,” she concluded. 

Her video racked up more than 1.8k likes and hundreds of comments agreeing with her analysis. 

“Yes, I’m one of them…” one follower confessed. “You’re so right.”

“Limerence doesn’t last,” a second agreed. 

“Affairs are fantasy and escape, as soon as the facade drops and reality hits, the excitement is over,” a third added.  

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