I’m always looking to save on my bills – here’s how to instantly block out draughts in your home & all you need is paper | The Sun

IT’S incredibly cold in some parts of the UK at the moment.

And whilst we know spring is on its way it looks like we will need to put up with the cold a little longer. 

Energy bills are still sky high and many of us are trying our very best to make do with the heat we can afford in our homes, until the weather gets warmer. 

In which case one thing you cannot afford is draughts in your home.

Whilst you may not have the money right now to replace a window seal or get double glazing installed there is a simple trick to stop your draught all you need is a piece of paper.

Budgeting whizz Cost Of Living Crisis Tips has shared their draught hack in a video online. 

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They said: “If you have a draught coming through your window cracks.”

“Stick a piece of paper in between to stop the cold getting through”

For this you may need to fold the paper a few times to make sure it fits into the size of your gap.

It’s also important to bear in mind that the length of your paper may not match the length of your window so you may have to layer pieces of paper on top of each other to block the full draught. 

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Make sure you check up on the paper from time to time as it may contribute to mould and condensation and may need to be replaced. 

And of course, this is only a temporary solution, you may want to look at buying new seals when your budget allows it. 

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You can also use paper to test other seals in your home. 

One Reddit user shared how they used paper to identify leaky seals in their home. 

If a piece of paper can fit between any gap like a door or window then you know cold air is getting in.

After finding the source of the problem the user was able to replace their seals and bring the energy bills right down. 

The draught paper hack has already gained 21,000 views.

Other Brits shared their top tips for finding draughts at home.

Some other ways of keeping your home warm include, investing in loft insulation, buying a radiator fan and getting a thermostatic radiator valve.

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