I’m a top hairdresser, this is the secret to making your expensive blow-dry last for TWO weeks – wear a shower cap

THERE’S nothing more confidence-boosting than having a big, glossy blow-dry. 

But trying to make it last longer than a day or two can leave you feeling a little flat. 

Here, Richard Ashforth, co-founder and creative director of Saco Hair, reveals how to keep your locks looking salon-fresh for a fortnight.

Think about how you sleep 

I would recommend sleeping with a neck cushion to help your neck stay still, the more you rub and rough-up your hair the more your blow-dry will collapse and leave you with a morning nightmare.

A silk pillowcase is also great for taming frizz and is kind to your skin. 


Shower, but don't wash your hair

Favour short, warm showers over long, hot baths and always wear a shower cap.

This is absolutely crucial in avoiding the steam and splashes that can cause a blow-dry to fizz.

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Don’t overload your hair

Too much of anything is never a good thing so use additional products sparingly. 

A touch of dry shampoo at the roots if things get a little greasy or serum on the ends if it starts looking frizzy will help keep things in place.

A touch of hairspray won’t hurt but don’t go OTT with it.

Avoid vigorous exercise

Opt for yoga rather than a HIIT class to keep the preparation to a minimum. 

Also, try gently tying your tresses up using something soft like a scrunchy and perhaps into a loose top-knot rather than a tight ponytail. 

Either way, keeping it off your neck and away from the head when you sweat will certainly help.

Don't be afraid to brush it

A good blow-dry should give your hair a basic structure which it will hopefully bounce back into once brushed through. 

Some products – such as Saco Volume Mousse – have excellent ‘memory’ function and once the style is fixed, the hair bounces back into shape when brushed through.

Don't touch it

Fingers off! When you touch or play with your hair, you transfer grease and dirt to it, which will pull out the style.

Try a new style

Fine hair will lose its style quicker than thicker hair. By week two you may want to style it into a half-up, half-down style or a bouncy high ponytail. 

Add dry shampoo to the roots and you will still be reaping the ‘oomph’ benefits of the blow-dry.

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