I'm a teacher & there are secret codes we use to talk to parents & it's not good news if a child's a natural born leader | The Sun

HAVE you ever wondered what your teacher really thinks of your child?

Well, ponder no more because according to one woman in the profession, there's a very easy way to find out.

Taking to TikTok (@bored_teachers), the teacher posted a video where she can be seen sharing the secret codes they use when talking to parents.

In the clip, she explains: "We have a code when we email parents."

So, have you ever been told that your child is "very social?"

Well, the teacher notes that this shouldn't be taken as a compliment because chances are, it means they "won't top talking."


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Next, she goes on to share the hidden meaning behind another popular phrase those in the profession use: "They're excitement in the classroom is contagious."

She explains: "It means they won't calm down."

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And many parents out there have likely left a parents evening feeling proud after being told their child is a " natural born leader."

The teacher reveals that it's not something to shout about because in reality, the phrase means your child is "super busy."

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The video has since racked up 67k views and been flooded with comments from social media users online.

"100% can confirm," wrote one teacher.

A second quipped: "Omg – I used the natural born leader today!"

Elsewhere, others shared the reality behind some of the other phrases they've heard.

On person noted: "'Your son is going to make a great lawyer,' which is code for: your kid won’t stop arguing with me."

A second penned: "'Dances to the beat of their own drum.' Doesn’t listen to anything they're told!"

A third commented: "My son’s pre-k teacher told me he was the most scientific kid she’s ever had, she prob meant he asks a million questions allll day long!"

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "My daughter's teacher told me my daughter likes to play with all the baby dolls – code for my kid doesn't share."

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A further added: "In kindergarten I got 'is overly helpful' when my parents asked the teacher said I was finishing my test and giving answers out so we could play."

And one more chimed in: "Your child is creative with their time…idk what they are doing half the time and they won’t stay on task."

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