I’m a substitute teacher – men say the kids will be ‘begging’ to be taught by me every day | The Sun

A HIGH school sub shared a day in her life teaching gym and health classes.

The influencer's followers joked that her students will want to be taught by her every day.

TikTok user Kerigan Hatfield (@kerigan.denae) took viewers along as she got ready for work.

In her video, she explained: "I’ve been subbing half days but today was my first full day so I had less time in the morning to myself, which is fine."

Kerigan filmed herself stretching before getting out of bed and heading to the kitchen.

"I also had to pack myself a lunch so I felt like a high school student," she told viewers.

After eating her avocado toast, the blonde beauty applied her makeup and brushed her hair.

Kerigan tied her blonde locks into a messy bun, using a curling iron on her front two strands.

She detailed: "Since I was doing gym I got to wear leggings and a sweatshirt so that’s definitely a bonus."

When the influencer arrived at school she was told she would also be subbing for the health teacher's classes too.

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"The health classes were basically just a study hall and then we watched Disney+," Kerigan explained.

She added: "The PE classes did basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball but a lot of them were lame and literally just sat on their phones."

Kerigan summed up her day working as a gym teacher as "uneventful but easy money."

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One impressed viewer said: "The kids [will be] begging for the teacher to call out more often."

"My gym teacher is sick by the way," joked another follower.

"Put me in coach," commented a third person.

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