I'm a sleep expert – here’s why you should NEVER sleep naked in a heatwave | The Sun

HAVING a heatwave is great but trying to get to sleep in it will sometimes leave you pulling your hair out. 

It may also make you want to ditch the pyjamas completely. 

However, experts are actually saying that naked may actually make things worse.

Dr Sophie Bostock, sleep expert at thesleepscientist.com, told Women's Health Magazine: "I've seen a lot of advice about sleeping naked.

"But this isn't super helpful as what you can actually find is if sweat collects on the body, and isn't whipped away by a moisture-wicking surface – like you get from clothing – then it doesn't help you cool.

"So wearing cotton pyjamas, or anything that takes sweat away from the body, may be better than being completely starkers."

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Dr Bostock added: "The reason we have such difficulty sleeping when it's hot is we rely on a cooling of the body temperature as a stimulus for sleep.

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"The light evenings also encourages our body to stay awake, and stops us unwinding properly before bed."

Dr Bostock also said research has revealed that whenever there's a generous rise in temperature, we usually get less sleep.

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