I’m a skincare expert – my top 4 tips to preventing wrinkles & there’s no creams involved | The Sun

IF you're still on the younger end of the age spectrum, wrinkles may seem like a far-off worry.

However, you may want to consider preventing this sign of aging now, and there are some easy steps you can take.

TikTok user Ester Taniaj shared her top four tips to preventing wrinkles, and none of them involve using any creams or serums.

"Here are four ways I’ve avoided getting wrinkles into my 30s, trust me it works," Ester said in her video.

"My mom urged me to get a silk pillowcase, so of course I did it. I had no idea about this, silk is hypoallergenic. Dust mites can not live in there. If you suffer from allergies like me, it’s amazing," she said.

She continued: "It’s also super gentle, so you avoid wrinkles and fine lines, and it helps keep moisture in the skin."

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Ester's second tip also involves how you sleep each night.

"On to my sleep mask, I cannot live without this. [It] helps me stay asleep longer, it’s also protecting the skin around my eyes," she told her followers.

Explaining her third hack, she added: "I also switched to silk PJs because the skin on our bodies does get wrinkled too."

Ester's final suggestion is a common recommendation from most healthcare experts: stay hydrated.

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"And finally, I drink almost a gallon of water a day, but this depends on your level of activity," the TikToker concluded.

She also advised her followers with longer hair to use silk scrunchies, especially at night, as they help to prevent hair breakage.

Ester's followers took to the comment section to discuss her easy anti-wrinkle hacks.

"Thanks for the tips! I'm 21 and including these in my routine. Hopefully I will look like you in my 30s," commented one user.

Another person said: "A sleep mask is the best! Gets up those melatonin levels for a better sleep! And a good water! Great advice!"

"Throwing away my bedding right now!" said one viewer.

One TikTok user pointed out an added advantage to sleeping with a silk pillowcase.

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"I switched to silk pillowcases and I feel better, especially my hair! Less frizz in the morning," they said.

Another person joked: "Might as well get a silk house."

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