I'm a skincare expert and these are the mistakes you're DEFINITELY making – you're washing your face wrong for a start

A SKINCARE consultant has revealed the most common mistakes that people make daily.

Mattie from London UK, says that so many people are washing their faces wrong.

Taking to her TikTok account, the skincare consultant said the first mistake is that people do not spend enough time when cleansing.

Posting under the domain @mattie.skincare she said "Skincare mistakes I bet you're making."

"Not washing your face for long enough" added Mattie.

The consultant said that you should spend at least a minute cleansing your face.


"Think about it, it's a wash-off product, so it needs time on the skin to work. I always do it for 60 seconds" she said.

Adding: "And if I am double cleansing, that's 60 seconds each."

In another post, Mattie gives her expert opinion on why you would be noticing blemishes on your face.

Stating that there are many reasons you can get spots, the skincare consultant captioned the post "Sometimes it’s impossible to know."

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"Reasons why you're breaking out," says Mattie.

Listing the possible causes she says: "dirty makeup brushes, lack of sleep, purging, hormones, dirty pillows, stress, diet and broken skin barrier."

"I don't want to blame anyone in particular," said Mattie.

Adding: "I think everyone's to blame.

The first post has been viewed 118k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"60? I do maybe 20 max " commented one person.

Another added: "face wash on…brush teeth….wash off face wash."

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