I’m a size 26 & am trying outfits out of my comfort zone…I got a staple skirt & look like a Teletubby in an ASOS number | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman, who described herself as a “creature of habit”, has revealed that she is trying outfits out of her comfort zone.

Laura Adlington, a size 26 body confident woman, who was also a finalist on The Great British Bake Off, back in 2020, explained that she wanted to try out some outfits that she wouldn’t normally wear, to see how they look on her curvy figure.

Sharing her thoughts on her haul on social media, Laura modelled her new purchases – leaving her with mixed reviews.

In the Instagram clip, Laura explained that an ASOS jumpsuit made her look like a Teletubby, but it wasn’t all bad, as she had found a satin skirt that was sure to be a wardrobe staple.

Showing off her new buys, she noted: “Trying on things that are out of my comfort zone. Thought I’d do a new mini series as I’m trying to push myself when it comes to my fashion choices so I’m not just living in midi dresses.”

The fashionista then said:  “I am definitely a creature of habit so I thought it would be a good idea to do a new little series where I try on things that are way out of my comfort zone and that scare me.”

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Laura first tried on a cream blazer, as she explained: “Absolutely hated this the minute I got it out of the packet.

“I bought it because of this rose thing which is really on trend apparently. 

“I don’t actually hate, like despise it, it does need a steam.

“With the right styling it would be ok, but I sort of feel like my nan in it. Sorry nan.”

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Laura then tried on a pink floral jumpsuit, but was not impressed, as she continued: “What the f**k is this Asos? Literally, it feels like it’s going to cut my arms off.

“It’s f*****g see-through – who would wear this?

“Whoever designed this needs to be given the sack. This is an abomination against fashion, it’s horrendous.

“I look like a Teletubby.”

Following this, Laura modelled a black, long-sleeved maxi dress, as she continued: “I swore that I would never buy anything from Topshop Curve, because #childhoodtrauma.

“What do you reckon? I think this is actually alright.

“I feel, dare I say it, quite cool in this.

“It’s really, really tight on the arms though.”

After this, Laura then tried on a black satin skirt, as she explained: “I think this looks great.

“I really like it and it’s really comfortable as well, it’s got a bit of stretch to it as well.

“I think this would look so nice with a band tee and a leather jacket and boots for Autumn.

“I think this just goes to show why you should try things out of your comfort zone, because I would never have gone for this before and I think this is going to be a staple in my wardrobe now.

“I absolutely love it.” 

Laura’s Instagram clip, which was shared under the username @laura.adlington, has clearly impressed many, as it was shared just seven days ago, but has quickly racked up a staggering 154,000 views. 

Social media users were left open-mouthed at Laura’s new purchases and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Love that black skirt! And agree it would be perfect with a band t-shirt and leather jacket.” 

Another added: “Love the black dress and skirt on you.” 

A third commented: “I just love your energy. The final dress is perfect.”



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Whilst someone else shared: “Love your honesty!” 

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