I'm a size 20 & tried H&M’s new Spring collection – neither of the jeans fit me but the tops were stunning | The Sun

A STUNNING size 20 fashionista has shared her honest thoughts on the new Spring collection at H&M – and not everything is a win.

Spring has finally arrived, which means only one thing – time to ditch the heavy jumpers and replenish your wardrobe with cute tops and summery dresses.

One of those on a mission to find new garments was TikTok user Nahiely Alexandra (@nahiely.alexandra) – she checked out what's new at H&M.

The plus-size style enthusiast took to TikTok to show what her mini shopping haul looked like – and here's how it went.

Sadly for the fashionista, who is believed to be from the US, things were off to a bad start, as neither of the denim bottoms fit her.

''Let me be real with you – I've never had a pair of H&M fit me,'' she said in her video.

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''I wasn't feeling hopeful with either style, I'm not surprised here,'' Nahiely said, adding that even tight shapewear wasn't helping the issue.

Unfortunately, there was not much more luck in the top department, as the stunner was disappointed with a knitted cardigan she had picked up.

''Saw this really pretty purple sweater and thought I would try this one.

''But I felt like there was a bunch of extra fabric on the side, making me look bigger than I already am.

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''As a curvy queen, I don't need that,'' she chuckled, added that this item was left behind.

However, one garment she did end up purchasing was a cute top with dainty blue flower print.

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''Think it's gonna be perfect for Spring and Summer,'' said Nahiely, who had nabbed in XXL.

Another ''definite purchase'' was a basic hoodie in neutral beige tones – the shopper reckoned she could dress it up with a blazer.

Last but not least was one of the fashionista's favourite items of the bunch – a lime green long sleeve top with a flattering neckline.

''This is going to be my staple this Spring,'' she told her 137.1k followers on TikTok.

Fellow style fans flocked to comments, where some said they had the same issue with H&M bottoms.

One wrote: ''I hate H&M sizing for jeans.''

''That lime green top is a jaw dropper,'' another was stunned.

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''First time I see someone with my size, thank you,'' a shopper was pleasantly surprised.

''You look amazing in everything but that blue floral is gorgeous,'' a fourth noted.

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