I’m a size 16 and people always tell me I can't wear certain things but here's how I pull them off anyway | The Sun

A MIDSIZE fashion TikToker has revealed the things people tell her she shouldn’t wear, as a US size 12, which is a UK 16.

One of the women behind The Willow Boutique, a high-quality size inclusive clothing brand, has posted to TikTok revealing the things people have told her she shouldn’t wear.

However, she adds that this won’t stop her from wearing these clothes, as she’s going to continue to wear whatever she feels confident in.

The first example the fashionista gives of something she’s been told she shouldn’t wear is bodysuits.

Showing how she’s going to rock this look anyway, the fashion pro shows off one of the brand’s bodysuits, pairing this with some ripped blue jeans.

The next item some people have said shouldn’t be worn by mid or plus size women are leather pants.

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Wearing these with a plain white tee, a red leather jacket and some wedge heels, she shows that women of any size can pull these off – no matter what cruel online trolls may say.

Another item that mid and plus size women may have been told they’re “too big” to wear are tight dresses.

But once again, Willow Boutique proved that yes, women can wear this dress style, showing off a dark turtleneck dress that looks amazing.

Commenters loved the message of the video, with one writing: “Ahhhh you are this size 12 girl's inspiration.”

Another added: “I wear that stuff. Size 18 and over 50. Lol.”

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“You look gorgeous. Who cares what size you are. I wish I knew how to dress my body type instead of hiding it behind leggings and hoodies,” wrote a third.

Others heavily criticised the people who would say these things: “I don’t know who these “people” are, but they are judgmental, jealous, just plain wrong or all of the above. You do you.”

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