I’m a single mum & so is my best mate so we moved in together to raise our babies & share bills – it’s amazing | The Sun

BEING a single parent can be a tough job and a mum has revealed her “top hack” was moving in with her best pal.

TikTok user Lo, revealed how her friend was also raising her kid alone so they decided to join forces – and it was the best decision they made.

On their @loandapril account, they wrote: “Single mum hack.

“Move in with your best friend. Raise your babies together.

“Share in responsibilities, bills and parenting.”

They added in the caption: “Work smarter, not harder.”

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The video has racked up thousands of views, and many people praised the idea.

One said: “Best friend goals!!”

Another added: “Can we normalise platonic soul mates…”

And some people said they already did it themselves, with one writing: “I’ve been doing that for 6 months now. Never felt better.”

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Lo and April aren’t the first single mums to move in together.

We shared how four mums decided to get a house together around the time of the pandemic.

Speaking to TODAY Parents, best friends Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper – who were going through divorces at a similar time – explained how they always used to joke about creating a "mum commune" in Vermont.

But as they struggled to adapt to life as single parents, the pair decided to actually give it a go.

Herrin said: "Within a weekend we found this house."

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After getting two other single mums on board, the women moved into the four-unit house – which means each family has their own separate wing.

Needless to say, the divorce and pandemic turned Herrin's life completely upside down – but she says "The Siren House" has been a life-saver.

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