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MANY of us are finding the cost of every day essentials a struggle to keep on top of due to the cost of living crisis.

Every penny saved can help, so it'd be handy to know which supermarket is really the cheapest.

Thankfully, one savvy mum has taken it upon herself to test out five different supermarkets in the UK to see which is cheaper.

Posting the video to her TikTok account, This Mum Cooks, she bought five of the same items from every supermarket.

The mum tried Asda's new Just Essentials range, Aldi, Sainsburys, Tesco and Marks and Spencer's.

In the video, she said: "I have bought the same, or the most similar products that I could get form the five different supermarkets budget ranges," to see which one was the cheapest.


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The mum bought a loaf of bread, a packet of biscuits, baked beans, jam and a bag of peppers form each store.

First the mum tried Asda's range, the only item she couldn't get from the budget range was bread as it had sold out, the total price came to £3.

The next supermarket was Aldi, where the mum managed to pick up everything form their essentials range for £2.46.

Sainsburys was the next supermarket tested – the savvy mum was able to get their essential baked beans and jam but the rest of the products weren't available.

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In total, Sainsburys came to £2.88.

The mum then headed to Tesco, a shop she already goes to regularly and spent £2.69 on the five products.

Lastly, she headed to M&S, where she found most of the items in their essential range minus jam.

She decided to pick up the cheapest one in the store that was on clearance for £1.15, and spent a grand total of £4.30.

The mum notes some shops were sold out of their essential range and some items weighed different amounts – but the clear winner was Aldi when it came to price.

The five items cost just £2.36 form Aldi, next up was Tesco at £2.69, Sainsburys at £2.88, Asda at £3 and finally, M&S at £4.30.

The mum also has a series of her taste testing each item to find out which one tastes the best.

Viewers of the video were grateful for the video but many pointed out that price per weight was important to look out for.

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One wrote: "So In reality Asda works out the cheapest because you get more."

Another commented: "I have noticed that about Aldi people think it’s cheaper but it’s actually for less weight wise."

Food cost breakdown form each supermarket


Bread – £0.70p

Baked Beans – £0.25p

Jam – £0.31p

Peppers – £1.35

Chocolate chip cookies – £0.39p


Bread – £0.34p

Baked Beans – £0.22p

Jam – £0.31p

Peppers – £1.16p

Chocolate chip cookies – £0.41p


Bread – £0.70p

Baked Beans – £0.21p

Jam – £0.30p

Peppers – £0.97p

Chocolate chip cookies – £0.70p


Bread – £0.36p

Baked Beans £0.22p

Jam – £0.40p

Peppers – £1.20

Chocolate chip cookies – 30.51p


Bread – £0.70p

Baked Beans – £0.40p

Jam – £1.15

Peppers – £1.45

Chocolate chip cookies – £0.60p

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