I’m a proud catfish – I’m 50 and not super hot, but my makeup skills transform me | The Sun

A BEAUTY TikToker with a phenomenal following, has done it again in her latest video.

Cait Kiernan’s instructive make-up tutorials are wowing her followers, with over 42k liking her most recent post.

This TikToker is a beauty director, whose platform discusses beauty, menopause, and life.

She is also an out-and-out catfish and has super fun with it, producing insane transformations.

“Hi, my name’s Caitlin,” she announces on her post, with hair tied back and make-up free. But she doesn’t stay that way for long.

Lyp-syncing to the background track, she says: “I’m a proud catfish. I’m 30 and not super-hot, but my makeup skills transform me.”

Caitlin, who is 50, convinces many that she is a couple of decades younger with her catfish skills.

Her platform is all about the power of cosmetics to create a completely new look.

She has a huge fan base with over 126k followers and a massive 2.2m likes.

This beauty fan likes to have a bit of fun with her posts: “I’m not super young or super-hot but watch me catfish your ass.”

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It takes guts to appear with your ‘just out of bed’ look, but Cait doesn’t seem to care. She’s going to have fun with her ‘makeovers’.

“I cream first,” she says. “Lots of moisturizer because my face is a thirsty b*itch,” and “hide these pot-hole pores on my face.”

She’s so honest and doesn't take herself too seriously. She makes catfishing look so easy, and she’s sassy too.

“Lay down the powder on that sh*t,” she says. “Right, skin looks good so far, right?”

After applying foundation, she goes in with her highlighting primer: “Now I know it seems like a lot but this is my beauty filter.”

Job finished, her transformation complete, she turns to the camera, looking pretty pleased with what she sees. “Now this is what you get. So tell me, did I do a good job?”

Her followers can’t get enough of her catfish makeovers.

“OMG, Caitlin!! Love you. Such a fan,” said one.

Many others thought she was, “Beautiful,” and “Gorgeous.”

Others couldn’t believe she was her age: “50? You look incredible.”

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Compliments poured in: “You always look stellar. But damn I wish I knew how to do that stuff. And thank god for brow pencils and lash extensions.”

Chiming in at the end, others saw her as an inspiration: “You are beautiful. I love your journey and fighting to stay gorgeous. You are stunning. Always.Thanks for giving us hope!”

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