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A PROFESSIONAL waxer has revealed the things that clients will often think about when getting a wax done, versus the things that she, the beautician, is actually thinking about.

If you have ever had a wax done before, it’s highly likely that you may have been slightly nervous before the treatment.

But this professional waxer, Candy Patrice, has revealed that waxers don’t actually care about what your downstairs looks like, and whilst carrying out your wax, they are actually thinking about many different things, which may surprise you. 

Candy took to TikTok to reveal what she is typically thinking about during waxing, as she posted her clip with the caption ‘Guest thoughts vs Waxer thoughts during a Brazilian’.

According to Candy, many wax customers may be thinking “Does my vagina look funny?, Does it smell weird?, I’m so hairy or hope I don’t have discharge”, during their beauty treatment.

But Candy claimed that she thinks about a variety of different things whilst carrying out her beauty job, none of which involve what the client looks like.

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Candy explained that she often thinks about her day-to-day life and the large list of things that she needs to do.

She revealed that she often thinks: “I love this wax, so glad I did yoga today, I need to call my lawyer or I need to see about therapy again”.

Not only this, but Candy will also think about things that she has done recently, or the things that she wants to do outside of work – for example “That video was so funny, can’t wait to finish that show on Netflix, do my kids start camp this week or next”.

As well as this, Candy claimed that she often thinks “This wax glides so smooth, I need to order some more product and I'm hungry, I need to eat something healthy today”.

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TikTok users were left in surprise at Candy’s claims and many revealed that they felt reassured about going and having a wax after seeing her clip.

Her video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 1.2million views.

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It has 164.2k likes, 171 comments and 412 shares.

One person said: “This makes me feel better”. 

Another added: “This is super reassuring, thank you”. 

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A third commented: “This brings me peace”. 

Whilst another professional waxer noted: “I can’t wait to show this to all my clients when they come in being insecure!!! Thanks boo!!!”

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