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FOR those of us without a green thumb,the end of summer seems like the beginning of the for plant life.

However, gardening experts have revealed the best time for seeding your lawn is quickly approaching.

The experts at Homes & Gardens have revealed the perfect time of year to begin seeding your lawn.

Fall is the ideal time of year to overseed your lawn, according to Rachel Crow, the garden editor for Homes & Gardens.

"Between late August and early October, the grass is typically at its thinnest, meaning grass seed can more easily reach the soil and germinate before the harsher, colder winter months," she explained.

Experts also recommend choosing a day with mild weather, and preferably after rainfall.

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"The still-warm earth and natural rainfall that tends to arrive in September will help to nourish and stimulate the newly sown seed," said Guy Jenkins, consumer manager for Johnson's Lawn Seed.

He added: "By waiting until later in the year you will avoid the summer droughts which spell death for tender young seedlings that haven’t managed to reach deeper groundwater."

Guy explained that the life cycle of weeds is another advantage of seeding in September.

"Any weeds which find their way into your newly sown lawn will have a chance to germinate and can be easily removed before their own roots have a chance to develop," he said.

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He clarified: "In the meantime, your grass can grow strong roots in later autumn and will be in the best possible shape to withstand early droughts come the following spring [or summer.]"

The gardening pros also suggest selecting a day with little wind to reduce the chance of your seeds becoming dislodged.

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