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A PARENTING coach has revealed her super simple technique to get strong-willed kids to follow instructions – and people can’t believe they didn’t think of it before. 

Rachel shared that rather an issuing commands or demands, parents should ask their child to suggest possible actions or solutions so it seems like their idea. 

This means the parent gets what they want, and the child feels powerful too.

The mum, known online as @theconsideratemomma, regularly shares parenting tips with her 1.2 million followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “If you have a strong-willed child, I’m about to give you a parenting hack that’s going to change your life, as cliche as that sounds. 

“I’m Rachel, I’m a certified parent coach and I help parents get their children to listen and learn lessons without having to yell at them, threaten them or punish them. 


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“Here’s the hack. 

“Instead of making demands or commands for your strong-willed child, telling them what to do and having to yell at them, threaten them or punish them in order to get them to do that thing, start asking them questions and getting them to critically think about the scenario for themselves. 

“All children have a basic need for some sense of power and control, but with strong-willed children, this need is even greater. 

“And if you are a strong-willed parent, it’s very likely that you find yourself power struggling with this strong-willed child more often than you’d like. 

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“So try this instead.”

During the one-minute video, Rachel acts out a scenario, where a parent gets their child to suggest picking up their toys, rather than telling them to do it. 

She said: “We’re about to go to grandma’s and I see a lot of toys on the floor. What do you think could happen to your toys if we leave them out with the dog?

“Yeah the dog could chew them up, are you okay with that?

“I’m not either so what should we do about that? 

“Yeah, I think picking them up is the best idea.”

Fans loved her simple idea, with the video gaining more than 61,900 likes and 1.3 million views. 

In the comments, parents shared their reaction to the method, with one writing: “Grandchildren are, will try it.”

“Ok, I need a dog,” joked another. 

“I really need to follow this! I will let you know how it goes,” a third shared. 

Others shared some of the hilarious responses they imagine they’d get from their child, with one adding: “My strong-willed child would say, ‘just close the door’.”

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Another wrote: “My kids' response: yeah, I don’t like those toys anyway.”

“I used that one about the dog with my daughter- her response 'you can just buy me new toys',” a third commented.

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