I'm a nanny – five foods I never give kids under six, and cocktail sausages are one of the worst choking hazards | The Sun

A NANNY has revealed the six foods she never lets kids under six have because they're such big choking hazards.

Danielle Manton-Kelly, who is known as The Enchanted Nanny, took to social media to explain why the snacks are better left on the shelves.

Since children are at a higher risk of choking anyway certain foods can increase the likelihoodof an accident happening.

Danielle noted that at this time of year kids are going out trick-or-treating, going to school discos, or spending time at their friends houses, so it's good to know which foods are a no-no.


Although popcorn is a classic snack it might not be the best option for young kids.

"Popcorn is light as a feather," Danielle explained this means it's easy for it to become lodged in children's airways when they're laughing or moving around.



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It only takes a child to sharply inhale when eating popcorn for a potential dangerous situation to unravel.

"If you are giving popcorn to a child above the age of six please make sure they are sitting down and that they're not distracted while they're eating it," Danielle added.


Even smaller marshmallows pose a risk to children because of their sticky texture.

"If they got lodged in the airway they're not going to move.

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"It's going to be really, extremely difficult to get that out because they're light and they're sticky and they are the size of an air way," Danielle said.


Whole grapes are also a risk because of their size, the Nanny noted.

If you do give children grapes it's a good idea to cut them into smaller sections.

"The thing about these foods is they don't dissolve, they don't break down, so if they do get stuck, they're stuck. They're not going to melt or change shape," she warned.

The same goes with other small fruits and vegetables, like cherry tomatoes, larger blueberries.

Cocktail Sausages

Because of the skin the small sausages are often harder for children to break down in their mouths, which means they also won't dissolve easily if they get stuck in their throats.

The same goes for other meats with skin on them, Danielle said.


Although bigger ones are fine for a treat, as well as ice-lollies, the classic round lollipops are a potential choking hazard for young kids.

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Because of their size and hard texture they can easily become stick in the airway and won't break down.

"I just avoid them like the plague," Danielle said.

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