I’m a mum to identical triplets, people always ask me how I’m able to tell them apart – here’s what I do | The Sun

IT'S hard work having one child, let alone trying to keep an eye on three.

But one mum who has identical triplets has revealed the way she tells them apart, although not everyone was convinced.

Meg Korzon, often shares her life as a mum of four under three on her TikTk account @keepingupwiththekorzons.

But one question the mum constantly gets is how she's able to tell apart her three identical triplet sons, Leo, Elias and Oliver.

In a short video, the mum shared what she does to tell them apart.

She said: "People ask us all the time and we're going to try, how do I tell my identical triplets apart?"


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While it may seem impossible to tell the boys apart, as their mum, Meg spends so much time with the boys that she notices tiny differences about each one.

First up is Oliver, she revealed he is the smallest triplet of the bunch and has a petite-looking face which helps her tell him apart from his brothers.

She also added he was the most frustrated and independent triplet, Meg added he also has a clogged tear duct (which he is awaiting surgery for), which makes his eye watery and red so she can tell it's him by that.

The next triplet was Leo, who is the 'middle-sized' one, she added he also has a slightly more narrow face than the others which makes his eyes appear bigger.

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He also has a pronounced skin tag on his little finger which gives him away.

Finally, Meg shows how she tells Elias apart from his brothers – he often scrunched up his nose which his brothers don't do.

The mum added that he also has a rounder face than his brothers and was much more likely to explore his surroundings.\


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While it was easy for the mum to tell the triplets apart, plenty of people in the comments joked it was the same child throughout.

One wrote: "You cannot tell me that this isn’t the same baby through the whole video!"

Another person commented: "You can’t fool me, this was just Oliver in different outfits! Haha."

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A third penned: "I thought “ it can’t be that hard” then just seen 3 Olivers."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I saw oliver 3 times."

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