I'm a mum-of-four in a three-bed council house – people assume I don't work & question why I bother making it look nice

ONE thing with sharing your home and life online, is that you may be open to people judging or questioning why you live like that. 

And one mum in particular knows this feeling, and has had to defend herself on many occasions. 

The social media user, who goes by the name of abitofme123 on TikTok, regularly shares videos of her council home which she has completely transformed over the last eight years. 

The mum of four has added chic wooden panelling to her front room, redecorated the bathroom, transformed her daughter’s room into a pink haven and her garden has been totally revamped with furniture and lights. 

However, people constantly ask her why she should be doing up the house because she doesn’t own it. 

To which she commented: “Look after your council house and get slatted, leave it a dump and get slated.”


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Someone else stated that she has “literally made someone else’s house nice for them.” 

Which she questioned: “Is that a bad thing though?” 

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Others questioned if she is spending her money correctly as well, by writing: “You’ve done it up nice but it would seem you have enough money to buy or rent private and let someone who actually needs it to have the house.” 

But she replied: “Being able to decorate and buying a house are two different things.”

In another video, the woman talked about people constantly assuming she doesn’t have a  job, and doesn’t pay bills. 

However, she showed a video of her in work uniform and showing the bills she pays. 

Truly annoys me when the council workers also assume we are unemployed

Many people commented their annoyance on this too. 

One wrote: “[It] Truly annoys me when the council workers also assume we are unemployed.” 

Another added: “I’m a lawyer and live in a council house. I’ve been here 12yrs & no intention of moving.”

And with her house transformation, she has shared some cheap hacks with her followers, including: “How to create a new bath panel for £7.”

She first bought a pack of single bead cladding from B&Q.

She said: “This pack cost £7”

The woman then cut the wood to fit the bath, and stuck them to the existing bath. 

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She added: “I then painted them to create the chalk effect.” 

Many commented on how it “looks great”.

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