I’m a mum – my easy hack will make your home smell amazing instantly using something you’ll find at your local park | The Sun

ANY mum will know all too well that it is no easy feat trying to keep your home smelling great when you’ve kids on the go.

While scented candles or diffusers might do the trick they can also be incredibly pricey which is not ideal during the cost of living crisis.

However, one mum has revealed her quick and easy method of making your home smell amazing, and it will cost you next to nothing.

TikTok user Jill shared her tip on her account jillcomesclean, revealing how to make DIY scented pine cones.

You can of course buy pine cones in store but Jill warns that they often have harmful fragrances and suggests gathering some for free at your local park instead.

Once you have your pine cones, add them to a baking tray and pop in the oven at 80 degrees for one hour to open them up.

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To make the scent for your pine cones, Jill suggests mixing about 120ml of distilled water with 45 drops of cinnamon essence oil, although you could opt for any fragrance you prefer.

You can pick up essential oils for less than £2 on eBay that will last you several uses.

Pop your pine cones in a bag and then spray them with the mixture before letting them sit overnight, once that’s done simply place them in a decorative container and leave throughout your home to achieve a wonderful autumnal scent.

Jill says that the scent will stay strong for a couple of days and then you can simply spray with extra scent to replenish.

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