I'm a mom – my baby was almost 10 lbs & I was only in labor for 15 minutes, I swear two foods made my delivery so easy | The Sun

GIVING birth is a daunting experience.

Many women fear that they will have to push through pain for hours on end or that some complications will arise that threaten the baby’s health.

A woman named Victoria Leone, who goes by @victoriafaithleone on TikTok, said she had an extremely smooth delivery despite all odds—and she credits it to her diet.

“Thank you TikTok moms for recommending raspberry leaf tea and dates while pregnant,” she began.

She revealed that she diligently drank and ate them every day since the baby turned 35 weeks in her womb.  

“I pushed out our 9 lb 5 oz baby boy in less than 15 minutes without tearing.”


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Typically, a baby that size would require a lot more effort and would likely cause at least some tears in the woman’s body.

“My midwife even mentioned multiple times how soft my cervix had become!

“Tea and dates are worth it.”

Victoria said she loved the taste as well, so it wasn’t a problematic addition to her diet anyways.

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Many women were thankful for the tip, with some saying that they experienced similar labor experiences because of the superfoods:

“I’ve been doing the tea since 34 weeks and baby’s estimated weight is 7.5-8 lbs. Praying for no tearing,” one person wrote.

“I didn’t do the tea, but I did the dates and also had no tears! Only pushed three times,” added another.

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A couple, however, said the hack isn’t scientifically proven:

“Labor nurse here! There is no connection between drinking and eating something and the way you tear, unfortunately,” wrote one.

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