I'm a makeup artist in my 50s – my 'fatigue fighter' technique is an 'instant face lift' | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL makeup artist has wowed after revealing how she creates the illusion of having had a face lift within minutes.

Carina (@primalwoman_) explained how putting beauty products in the right place around the eyes can reduce the appearance of fatigue.

She boasts over 2,300 followers on TikTok where she shares skincare and makeup advice for women in their fifties.

She took to the social media platform revealing how she dramatically improves the appearance of her skin using products from Nars Cosmetics.

Carina said: “I’m going to show you how to get an instant face lift if you’re over 50.

“I’m going to start off with our eyes.  

“I’m going to use radiant cream concealer in Cannelle with light-reflecting eye gel.

“I’m going to make a paste by mixing the two together. This is what I call my fatigue fighter technique.

“I’m literally going to apply it under the eye but more where I have the darkness and then I’m going to lift this part of my face up.”

Carina demonstrated using her fingertips to push the cosmetics that she had combined into the skin.

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She gently pulled the skin upwards as she applied the products to the skin on the outer area of her eye towards her temple.

She said: “I’m pressing and rolling up.

“You can see that it’s literally lifting my eye really well.”

The makeup artist kept the left side of her face untouched to show a comparison of how flat her skin looks without using the method.

She then combined Laguna bronzing cream in color three with a brown cream on the center of her hand to demonstrate the best contouring method.

Carina held up the Ita Kabuki brush from Nars which is flatter than a regular makeup brush as she explained that it gives the best shape.

She said: “In the 2000s we used bronzer quite low down and as we get older that can make us look very sad.

“So I’m going to apply everything up, more higher than I normally would.”

She placed the contour on the center of her cheeks and towards her hairline to add definition.

She said: “And then I’m going to add my Orgasm X blush 

“Instead of applying the blush on the apple of my cheek, I’m going to apply it higher.

“Don’t be frightened to add it into more of a boomerang shape.

“You can see this side of my face is lifted.

“I’m then going to sharpen my contour with a powder which is the Nars soft matte powder in Sun Shore.

“I’m just going to go underneath under my contour there to give a contrast between the dark and lighter shade.”

Carina turned her face to show the difference between where she had used her lifting technique on the right in comparison to the old makeup application method on the left.

She said: “You can see this instantly elevates my face and that’s what we want to do when we get to 50 and over.

“We want to look lifted.”

She captioned the post: “Learn how to get an instant face lift without surgery using the lifting technique with Nars Cosmetics."

She included the hashtags #over50smakeup, #primalwoman, and #narsradiantcreamyconcealer.

Commenters were wowed and complimented Carina on her appearance.

One person wrote: “You look so lovely!”

Another said: “Brilliant tips x definitely try tomorrow thank you.”



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A third commented: “Wow, yes you can see the difference. Thank you for the tip.”

A fourth added: “Looks beautiful.”

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