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IF you want your home to look expensive, but without breaking the bank, you’ll want to listen up quickly. 

A luxury interior designer has shared his top tips and tricks to add style to any space with barely any faff involved. 

Bilal Rehman, a luxury interior designer with an impressive 285.5k followers and 2.3million likes on TikTok, recently took to the video sharing platform to reveal his hacks to make a home look more expensive than it is.

He shared his clip with the caption ‘3 ways for your space to not look like a piece of sh*t …’, as he revealed the three things that you must ditch from your home immediately.

So prepare to be attacked, as Bilal explained that he is not a fan of the popular Live, Love, Laugh signs and he also claimed that vinyl wrapping is not a good look either.

He said: “Here are three ways to not make your house look like a piece of s**t, with your favourite luxury designer.”

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Firstly, Bilal revealed that he can’t stand signs in homes.

He noted: “I promise you, none of us are living, laughing or loving those disgusting signs that you have hanging around your house.

“We do not need to know that that ‘part of the home’, is the kitchen, or where the laundry room is, I don’t need a sign on top of the toilet that says, ‘this is where you take a p***’.

“Instead, maybe put some real art on the walls.

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“Nobody needs directions around your house.”

Following this, Bilal revealed how you can elevate a room using curtains.

He added: “Curtains are vital to any space and if you don't do them correctly, they can hinder the design entirely.

“They can shorten your room, cheapen your space and they can make everything look out of scale and out of place.

“When doing curtains, my rule is take them as high as you can go, which is preferably to the ceiling and drop them down until they’re about one inch from the floor.

“That gives you the tallest, sexiest silhouette.”

Finally, Bilal noted that vinyl wrapping is not a good look in his books.

He explained: “I’m not a DIY person but a lot of you are, so let’s talk about it.

“That marble paper that you think is giving you that real stone look, it’s not.

“That cabinet with a wooden top that’s been covered in a giant sticker, it looks horrendous.

“The second water gets on it, it starts peeling.

“Instead, go to a home salvage shop or a scrap yard that has some scraps and for a very inexpensive price, you will get the real deal stone look and it will actually add value to the piece that you just spent hours working on.”

Bilal’s clip has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly gone viral and has amassed 2.4million views.

It has 359.3k likes, 1,923 comments and 5,830 shares.

Many social media users agreed with Bilal and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Absolutely agree with you. Always hated the cheap wall art. Buy actual art! (Not every piece of artwork for sale is expensive).”

Another added: “Love this!”

A third commented: “I am so glad someone is finally addressing these home interior horrors.” 

Whilst someone else noted: “This has been my curtain rule my entire life! And the signs 100% agree. Love these tips!”

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Meanwhile, another user shared: “I feel attacked.”

Whilst one person claimed: “OMG I have all those signs” to which Bilal joked “I’m calling the police right now.”

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