I'm a laundry expert and you're washing your clothes too much – take my advice and you’ll save £3.5k | The Sun

NO ONE'S crazy about doing the washing – from unloading the machine to hanging up the clothes to dry and then, worst of all, putting them neatly back in the cupboard.

It's also costly to run big machines with heating elements these days and no one wants that with the cost of living crisis.

With all that said, you may be pleased to hear that the experts say we're doing too much washing – and it could be costing us as much as £3.5k.

Research from Bosch suggests that us Brits are not opposed to re-wearing our clothes before we stick them in the wash.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed 58 per cent said they would rewear clothes, but a quarter said it made them feel dirty.

That maybe part of the reason we're washing our outfits so often and that can damage the clothes.

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The constant soaking, mixing with detergents and spinning can wear you clothes out.

According to research done by LG, the average person will ruin £3,969 of clothing in their lifetime, just with the washing machine.

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The pros suggest only washing your clothes if they smell or are visibly dirty.

Experts suggest that you only need to wash your jeans once every month and cotton, silk or synthetic clothes should be washed every three or four wears.

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They said that, ideally, you wouldn't wash leather more than once a year and delicate fabrics like wool or cashmere shouldn't be washing more than once a month.

You can also keep washes shorter and on lower temperatures to protect your clothes from ruin.

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