I'm a hot teacher and people say I go from a 5 to a 10 in my after school outfit, but others think I’m off the scale | The Sun

A TEACHER shared that people say she goes from a five to a ten when she changes out of her work clothes.

American educator Alice, 23, posted a short clip of herself before and after the post-school transformation.

The TikToker regularly posts racy videos of herself after hours.

She said: "Head that I go from a five to a ten in my after school outfit."

She then posted a video of herself in a black dress and brown blazer.

Alice had her hair left tousled and loose with a few strands falling around her face.

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She then showed her transformation to glam night out.

Alice then had sleek, brushed hair and was wearing a green mini dress with a halter neck.

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Fellow social media users were impressed with the eye-catching look.

One person said: "So this is what happens after Maths!"

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Another said: "You were a ten throughout both of those."

While a third said: "You are a ten already & go to a 100."

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