I’m a hot great-granny – I know I look good for my age, men half my age always chat me up | The Sun

A GLAM great-grandmother has told how men more than half her age always try to chat her up.

Amanda Lawrence is often asked for proof from people who think she’s joking about her senior family status. 

But the 61-year-old, who has five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, doesn’t typically find men her own age attractive but also rules out dating anyone too young.

The superfit model says: “When I say I’m a great-grandmother people think I’ve made a mistake.

“I always have to say it again because they don’t believe me.

“But I’m blessed to have them and love having a big family.

“I do get chatted up by people half my age.

“I don’t know if it’s my energy or zest for life but I’ve always been young at heart and don’t look my age.

“Some of them are really cute but I say ‘you could be my grandson'.

“They always say ‘age is just a number’ but they don’t have the experience of life I need.”

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Amanda, who recently moved to Wales, adds: “Most men I come into contact with have no clue how to talk to me as a person, they think I’m just an object.

“I know there is somebody is out there somewhere for me but I’m not looking right now.

“When guys come up to me and say ‘you’re well fit’, my response to that is to say ‘thanks that’s very kind of you to say, but tell me something I don’t know.’

“I know I look good for my age and I don’t need a confidence boost but thanks anyway.

“I’d rather have a conversation than have them just commenting on my looks.”

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