I’m a hot grandma – men want to date me until they see my list of demands, they say I’m high maintenance but I disagree | The Sun

AGE isn't stopping this hot grandma from dating men but her list of demands might just be her biggest flaw.

The woman laid down her list of guidelines for being in a relationship in a popular video and some have called her out for making her standards too high at her age.

Patti, a "Vibrant Living Advocate" does just that and lives her life to the absolute fullest.

She prioritizes her mental and physical health, which is why she looks amazing well into her 60s.

Known as @taskyourself on Instagram, the healthy living advocate shared a Reel on the social platform that revealed her standards for dating at her age and why she won't settle for less.

Appropriately captioned, "It's really not that complicated," the digital creator makes it well known that she doesn't play around when it comes to who she allows into her everyday life.

In the video, Patti lists four sets of rules that she abides by when selecting a partner and they're not complicated.

The words, "Men want to date me until they realize…" appear on the screen before she begins writing her conditions on the screen.

The first is that she has "an innate sense of discernment," which basically means that she can fish out any lies and fibs a mile away.

The second one seems to be a given for most people but mentions that she believes in the process of monogamy when dating, so "situationships" are not her thing.

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The third relationship boundary she shares is that peace is her priority.

The content creator lives a very regimented lifestyle that focuses on internal and physical health, so any partner who attempts to disrupt that would immediately get shooed out the door.

Patti's last rule sets the standard for how all women should be treated and plain and simple she notes in a subtitle that "If I'm not treated right, I'm leaving!"

Her sentiments resonated with many other women in the comments.

"My policy… non-negotiable. I'm about to be 70 years young (next month), and I certainly am not about to make edits now," one woman shared online.

"That’s what I’m talking about!" another added.

"Girl! I’m not playing about me!" another user voiced online in support.

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