I’m a hot grandma – I posted a ‘thirst trap’ in a graveyard, trolls said I was ‘checking out my future home' | The Sun

A SILVER-HAIRED beauty has wowed her followers with a sultry snapshot and bizarre choice of location.

Though some people trolled her "thirst trap" with jokes in poor taste, others loved her major goth energy.

With grey hair and a gorgeous smile, Nevada-based Tricia Goldsmith (@yourfitgrandma) is a ray of sunshine.

The 55-year-old has dedicated followers who think her TikTok handle falls just short of describing her.

In one video, Goldsmith acted shocked when a fan recommended she update her social media for accuracy.

"What?!" she exclaimed, reading the comment with a huge grin on her face.

"You should change your username to 'The HOT Grandma,'" she read aloud.

Laughing and looking radiant, Goldsmith shook her head slightly, trying to be modest about the compliment.

But in another video, she happily gave in to one follower's bizarre request for a "thirst trap in a graveyard."

Wearing a black mesh shirt, Goldsmith totally looked the part of a cemetery stunner.

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Her grey hair and dark brows provided a striking contrast to her sparkling silver jewelry, including her facial piercing.

In the background, the Palm Mortuary and Cemetery in Henderson, Nevada, stretched for acres, with hundreds of headstones visible.

Most of Goldsmith's followers were utterly charmed by the post.

"Slay, Granny, I love you," wrote one fan.

Another admirer couldn't believe how young and fresh Goldsmith looked in the bright sunshine.

"I pray to age as well as you," she wrote.

One follower was shocked to see her own grandparents' resting place in the background of Goldsmith's clip.

Luckily, she and the other commenters took it in good humor.

"Sorry for your loss, may they rest in peace, but OMG that's a funny coincidence," a viewer responded.

However, not all the comments on Goldsmith's video praised her.

"Why the hell is she recording the video in a CEMETERY?!" asked one shocked follower.

"I'm sick," said another. One troll decided to crack wise about Goldsmith.

The critic said Goldsmith was "checking out her future home."

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But Goldsmith showed she's not just a fit granny or a hot granny – she's a vicious one, too.

She responded directly to the cruel commenter and said that based on their profile picture, they'd already feel right at home in the graveyard.

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