I’m a home stylist – I made a table using an IKEA lampshade & it’s my best hack ever | The Sun

A DIY pro has shared a cheap table-making hack using IKEA items – and they’re not what you’d expect. 

On a recent visit to her local store, a savvy shopper picked out two household items to make her own side table and she claims it’s the best hack she’s ever done.

Taking to TikTok to share her fab find, OurHomeStyle claimed: “The BEST IKEA hack I’ve done to date! Hands down!

“This cost £29 and was so easy to do! Will you be giving this one a go?” 

Viewers watch as the homeowner makes a beeline to a shelf of wooden items in the store. 

She picks up a round wooden board with a nostalgic twist. 

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It’s a solid wood SNUDDA Lazy Susan, priced at £8. 

The throwback item is used to get easy access to food items on a dining table by spinning the board – but that’s not what this lady had in mind. 

Whizzing across the store to the lighting section, she picks up a quirky wire lampshade in black. 

The BRUNSTA pendant lampshade is priced at £19. 

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OurHomeStyle heads back to her house and the DIY project begins to take shape. 

First, she uses a hairdryer on the warm setting to remove the sticky labels from her items. 

Then, she turns the Lazy Susan upside down to reveal the little base.

She carefully applies strong glue to the underside of the item, before flipping it back over and placing firming on top of the lampshade. 

The crafty lady pops a heavy tin of paint on the top and leaves for a while to ensure the two items are stuck together properly. 

Next, she whips out a tin of matt black paint and a miniature paint roller to match the table top with the lampshade base.

The finished product is placed neatly in the living room alongside a modern black and white armchair. 

The DIY queen pops a mug, some decorative foliage and a fresh reed diffuser on the tabletop to complete the look.

While some concerned users pointed out its flaws – “It’s a bit shaky,” said one – the overall effect is stunning and far less expensive than a regular store bought table. 

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