I’m a home expert & there’s one part of the home people always overlook, renovating it adds loads to its value | The Sun

THERE'S loads of stuff you can do to your home to add extra value, from pricey renovations to cheap hacks.

But according to this home expert there's one place people always overlook and it can make a huge difference.

Although spending cash on renovating areas like the kitchen and bathroom might be the obvious thing to do, staircase renovations are the way to go according to research published by Neville Johnson.

A whopping 73 percent of those surveyed said that a nice staircase area made a big impact on the overall property.

Not only that, but 71 percent reckon the staircase is an import feature to consider when selling a home.

Gareth Betts, Neville Johnson’s staircase designer, explained why the staircase often gets overlooked when homeowners try to add value onto their property.

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He said: “There are many ways to add value to your home, renovating the kitchen, improving the garden, however most people don’t consider a staircase replacement to be one of the easiest and visually appealing ways to make the property more desirable."

According to the pro, since a staircase is one of the first things guests see when visiting your home, having one that is well-designed an important factor to consider.

"A bespoke staircase is the perfect way to transform a space into something that was once ‘tired’ into a space that is stylish and welcoming," he added.

A staircase renovation will usually be much quicker than a full bathroom or kitchen revocation too, in most cases it can be done and dusted in one weekend.

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If you want to spruce up your staircase there are are few things to keep in mind, according to Gareth.

First of all, before you get carried away with the DIY possibilities, it's vital that you make sure that the structure of the staircase is sound, this will ensure a safe renovation but will also help keep the costs low.

If you're unsure, Gareth recommended booking in a quick consultation with a professional to make sure everything's done right.

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