I’m a hair stylist – five easy & school-suitable styles for your daughter that'll keep them cool in the heat | The Sun

IT can be hard thinking of new hairstyles for little girls – with many mums resorting to a simple ponytail to keep their child's locks away from their face.

But one hair stylist has been sharing tonnes of super simple styles you can do in just minutes on her TikTok page Brylka Project, with fans quick to praise her for the quick and easy 'dos.

From buns to braids, the hair pro has a huge variety of ideas for hair styling, and has run through five of her favourites with us.

Not only are the styles suitable for school, they'll also be perfect for the heatwave that's just around the corner.

Extra volume bun

Extra volume bun🔥#hairhacks101 #hairtutorial #childrenhairstyle #hairhacks

  • Put her hair into a high ponytail
  • Spread the hair over the hairband to make a 'bun' shape, and secure with a scrunchie
  • With the ends of the hair, create two twisted braids and wrap them around the scrunchie
  • Secure with a bobby pin or two and a spritz of hairspray

Looped pigtails

#hairtok #hairhacks #ponytail #childrenhairstyle #hairtutorial

  • Divide the hair into two sections, as if you're going to do simple pigtails
  • Then, divide one half into two sections – a top and a bottom
  • Secure the top half with a hairband, then create a hole in the middle of the hair, before the band, and flip the ponytail through it
  • Make a ponytail with the bottom section of the hair, incorporating the rest of the above ponytail, and once again loop it through
  • Repeat on the other side

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Hairstyle for little princess🎀#babyhairs #motherdaughter #hair #hairideas #hairhacks101 #childrenhairstyle

  • Begin by putting her hair into high ponytail and secure with a hairband
  • On the last time through the hairband, don't pull the hair all the way through
  • With the 'bun' that's left, divide it into two sides
  • With the remainder of the hair that's on top of the head, bring it back over the centre of the secured hair
  • Secure with bobby pins to create a bow shape

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Low bun


Easy low bun👌#bun #hairhacks #messybun #hairtutorial

  • First tie her hair into a low ponytail
  • On the last pull through, don't pull the hair all the way through – leaving a bun shape with a hair 'tail'
  • Pull the hairband down slightly and make a hole in the hair above the band
  • Loop the bun through the hole
  • Gather the rest of the hair 'tail' and tuck it in
  • Gather the top together and secure with a scrunchie

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Plaited ponytail

Quick baby hairstyle😉#babyhairstyle #hairstyles #hairtransformation

  • Divide hair into three sections
  • Put the middle section into a ponytail and secure with a hairband
  • Do plaits in the other two sections of the hair
  • Use a hairband and tie the two plaits together above the ponytail
  • Using your fingers, twist the bottom of the plaited section and pull the ponytail through

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