I’m a hair expert – there’s a common style which is terrible to sleep in – it’s why your hair is so frizzy

DEPENDING on your hair style and texture it can be quite important to protect and nourish your hair while you sleep.

However, deciding on a method to do this can sometimes be a difficult task. You need to consider your hair, and also what styles won’t fall apart as you toss and turn throughout the night.

Posting to TikTok, hair expert Monique Rapier has shared her top methods for protecting your hair while asleep – and no the low bun isn’t one of these as this can actually leave your hair damaged and frizzy.

The first protective style Monique suggests is a double twist tied with  a scrunchie. She adds that this is her favourite way to maintain curls, and unlike the bun this won’t make them go frizzy.

The second method shared by the hair guru begins with brushing your hair and then oiling the end, then you just put your hair inside a fuzzy sock. 

Monique says that this is a comfortable style for sleeping in and that it’s great for those on a tight budget as you can just use things you already own.


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Viewers were quick to take this piece of advice, with one commenting: “Me laying in bed with the low bun rn as I see this…. Sigh *takes bun out n gets fuzzy sock from drawer*”

Her third tip is to use a silk sleep bonnet, adding that these are especially great when using an overnight hair mask. Especially as it’ll prevent the mask from getting on your pillows. 

For a high-quality bonnet you may be forking out £30 but there are plenty of cheaper options available on the high street.

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There are plenty of other hair care tips and tricks available on TikTok for you to try out. One woman shared her easy method for curling hair without using any heat.

Another posted her “bowl method” of washing her hair, where rather than a shower or bath she instead washes her hair in a bowl.

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