I'm a gym girl in the 'no bra' club – people tell me to cover up my nipples but I refuse, it's no secret I have them | The Sun

THIS gym girl often goes out without a bra on and says that people tell her to cover up but she refuses.

TikTok user @ACJ354 is a professional pole dancer with over 500 followers on the platform.

She shared a video about an issue she runs into in her everyday life.

The poster often goes out in public without a bra and she says that people call her out on it.

“I can see your nipples poking through your shirt,” said the voiceover in the user’s Tiktok.

“Okay?” said the user, shrugging her shoulders.

“You should put a bra on,” said the voiceover.

However, the user refuses, saying “No.”

When the voiceover asks why the user won’t put a bra on, she says, “Is it a secret I have nipples?”

In the caption, the user takes a stand against putting on a bra.

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She uses a cherry emoji in the caption, a common innuendo for breasts on the platform.

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She says the staff is just jealous.

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