I’m a gym girl – I’m ‘swole’ from bodybuilding but people at work don’t know I’m jacked | The Sun

ONE gym girl keeps a heavy secret from her coworkers.

Weronika Choj (@weronika.fitness) lifts like no other, but she hides her bodybuilder figure from the people she works with.

In a recent post, Weronika made it clear no one knows she's jacked.

She sat in a spinning desk chair and laughed.

Weronika wore tight black leggings with a tan short-sleeve T-shirt.

"They still don't know I'm jacked," she admitted.

The fitness fan pulled up her sleeves, revealing her toned arm muscles.

Her chiseled upper body emerged.

She flexed her arms while no one was around her.

Over 3,000 passionate fans left the bodybuilder comments on her video.

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A certain individual wrote: "They know."

"For real they DEFINITELY know but still AWESOME," another TikTok user agreed.

One eager man made a desperate attempt to grab Weronika's attention.

"Hurt me. Ruin my life, credit, family ties ruin it all," he pleaded.

An interested man commented: "You are amazingly beautiful."

"And I thought spending four days a week in a gym was too much," a judgmental viewer said.

"My kind of woman," a forward suitor proclaimed.

One fan asked: "Can you train me?"

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