I’m a gardening whizz – six plants that are perfect for naturally banishing pests like slugs | The Sun

THERE are loads of ways to deter annoying pests from your garden.

But if you want to keep things more natural planting 'sacrificial plants' or 'trap cropping' is an easy option.

While using harsh pesticides might banish pests they could also damage delicate flowers and plants in your garden.

According to GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk, using pesticides "could potentially bring toxins into your garden."

They explained: "We prefer to use deterrent plants instead, adding a source of food for the insects whilst keeping them away from your most beloved flowers."

By adding sacrificial plants you can distract bugs and pests from the flowers you really want to protect.

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Some plants are better at this than others, here are six of the best ones to add to your garden just in time for summer.


Although nettles can be annoying to deal with if you don't want them in your garden, if you place them strategically they can help protect other plants.

They're great at attracting groups of aphids that would destroy you favourite flowers.

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This option will look good in your flower beds whilst also working hard to protect the rest of your garden.

According to GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk: "Nasturtiums will need to be pruned and tended over time as they are a spreading plant that drops seeds all over the area where they grow."


This delicate herb can add more to your garden beds than just deterring pests, it's a tasty herb known for it's aniseed flavour.

The herb attracts slugs so is a perfect distraction to use.


These bright and colourful flowers are a favourite of many gardeners for their tall appearance, but they also attract stink bugs according to the pros.

Stick bugs are known for attacking growing sweetcorn and okra plants, but planting sunflowers around 70 days beforehand can help deter the pests, even if they're a the other end of your garden.


These cheery flowers work as a great deterrent for insects like nematodes.

Just plant them before your vegetables to give them a bit of a head start.


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Lavender does more than add a stunning purple colour to your garden, the relaxing scent "is known to deter many bugs away from crops and flowers.

"The strong smell will keep biting bugs at bay and will instead attract nectar-feeding bees and butterflies into your garden," the gardening pros say.

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