I’m a gardening expert and TEA BAGS are your secret weapon for keeping foxes away

FOXES have been known to enter gardens as they please, putting any plants you may be growing at risk of being destroyed.

If you live in an urban area you’ll likely know the pain of discovering a fox (or other animal) has entered your garden at night and dug up your plants.

Well, no more, as one gardening expert has revealed the secret to prevent this.

Speaking to the Express QVC’s Gardening Expert Richard Jackson shared how you can use tea bags to prevent foxes, and cats, from destroying your greenery:

“Spray old tea bags with deep heat type muscle treatment. Then place in problematic parts of the garden and, if needed, cover with a sprinkling of soil to disguise them.”

Instead of deep heat, you can also use eucalyptus or peppermint oil.


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“These smelly oils should last at least two weeks, even if it rains,” says the gardening pro.

According to Fox Repellent Expert there are a number of reasons why foxes may be finding their way into your garden.

One of these being that your garden may just be quite easy for them to access: “The entry point is where you have the biggest opportunity to influence a fox’s decision to either enter your garden or go elsewhere. 

“Fortunately, foxes are creatures of habit and will usually enter at the same place each time,” says the Fox Repellent Expert. 

To stop foxes entering the garden, they suggest mending broken fences, placing a spiky potted plant at the access point, or installing plastic spikes along ledges.

If you leave leftover food out for birds, then this may also be attracting foxes – especially if you’re leaving meat-based scraps. To prevent this the experts suggest installing a bird feeding station, and using non-meat bird feed. 

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Leaving leftover food out can also attract mice and rats, so be sure to place any bird feed out of reach to prevent this.

According to the fox repellent experts your garden may be at greater risk of foxes if you live near railway lines.

 If this is the case for you then be sure to use methods to prevent damage to your outside areas.

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