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IF YOU are planning on getting out in your garden any time soon, you’ll need to listen up quickly.

Flowers and plants are in full bloom across many gardens throughout the UK at the moment, but according to a gardening expert, there are many important things that gardeners must consider when planting.

So if you want your plants to grow healthily, you'll need to make sure you follow these steps to avoid havoc spreading in your garden.

According to Fiona Jenkins, gardening expert at MyJobQuote, the location gardeners decide to put plants is crucial.

Fiona advises that the wrong location can cause severe "issues" in your garden.

Fiona told Express.co.uk: “The first thing to consider when planting a variety of vegetation, is that the shrubbery you’re putting next to each other have the same lighting requirements. 

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“You should also factor in the size each plant will grow to when planning your garden layout.”

This is very important, as greenery such as tomato plants will grow very tall, so if you put them next to something a lot smaller, it can cause serious “issues”. 

According to Fiona, taller plants will block the light from smaller plants in their vicinity, stunting growth of shorter plants. 

Therefore it’s important that gardeners space out plants, giving them enough room to absorb light.

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Fiona continued: “Another thing you need to be careful with is putting plants that love water next to those who don’t so much. 

“This can cause major issues when it comes to watering, as you can drown water-hating shrubs nearby resulting in wilting and death.”

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Some plants require more water than others, so if you are an avid gardener, make sure you keep plants together based on how much water they need. 

A final thing that Fiona points out is that gardeners should be aware that some plants have allelopathic behaviours.

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Fiona explained: “In less scientific terms, this means that they can obstruct the growth of competing plants with the use of chemicals. 

“This can be great to get rid of weeds, however when these plants wreak havoc on the systems of genuine shrubbery this can cause problems.”

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Sunflowers have allelopathic tendencies, as do tomatoes, broccoli and asparagus. 

So if you are planning on planting anything in your garden any time soon, make sure you take these things into account, to avoid havoc spreading in your garden.

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