I'm a female electrician – people are always stunned when I turn up but I love making it more awkward | The Sun

A FEMALE electrician has left people in hysterics after revealing the amusing way she makes people feel totally awkward at work.

Ciara, who posts under the handle @coceullar96, took TikTok and shared a video discussing the phrases she uses at work which would sound very X-rated to anyone outside of the industry.

She captioned the post: "Things I say as a female electrician that make people feel awkward."

In the clip, the female sparky can be seen dancing around while she works on a house.

She then reveals the first phrase on her list: "Do you have my strippers?"

While anyone in the profession will know Ciara's referring to a wire stripper tool, others may easily interpret it to mean exotic dancers.


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Next, she says: "My dikes are blue," as she makes reference to diagonal pliers.

Finally, she quips: "Lube the head first before the pull."

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But rather than meaning anything naughty, Ciara is referring to pulling greasy tables through a conduit.

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 739,000 views and many comments from amused social media users.

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"Girl same! Working in a man’s field you have to have a sense of dark humour," wrote one.

A second penned: "Except if you know…none of this would come across as strange."

A third quipped: "I’m a carpenter so I always make jokes about wood and caulk."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "A simple 'pause' and a chuckle goes a long way."

Another added: "The last one gets everybody."

A further joked: "The last one gets everybody!"

And one more asked: "Are sure your talking to construction works. Probably home owner be awkward. Lol."

Ciara replied: "I do more residential so yes home owners – me and my employees talk s*** all day!"

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