I’m a female dairy farmer – I like to dance with my cows, people say it’s the ‘cutest thing ever’ | The Sun

A VIDEO of a dancing dairy farmer has gone stratospheric.

This cow lover could never have anticipated that her post would gain three million likes, over 83,000 shares, and an astonishing 18,000 comments.

But it’s hardly any surprise because Lindsay’s (@farm_girl_lindsay) TikTok content is so incredibly infectious and joyous too.

Her fans have loved her impromptu and unrehearsed dances with her dairy herd – and her cows seem to like it just as much.

It is clear, that this is more than just a job for Lindsay.

She has a real and genuine bond with her charges and that love shines through all her content on her platform.

Based in the English county of Cumbria, she started her latest video in the straw-strewn barn, where her calves were housed.

Dressed for the chilly weather, Lindsay wore a pair of regulation farm overalls with a cozy sweater and hat.

“Back with my calves,” she said, before adding: A little dance with them before they go into the big pens.”

Country music rang out as she danced, spun, and shimmied along the length of the barn.

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As she did so, her Friesan calves got into the spirit of things and joined in too.

Lindsay was irrepressible and had a riot.

There were many thousands of comments on this viral video.

One fan represented the view of hundreds upon hundreds when she said: “This is the cutest thing ever.”

Many couldn't believe what they were seeing: “That one calf was dancing right along with you?” said one incredulous viewer.

Lindsay managed to do some bovine public relations too through her post: “These types of videos have totally changed the way I look at cows. They’re like characters, real little characters," said one convert.

She certainly brought a smile to many of her followers: “The vibes and the energy made me smile," while another said: “OMG, this has bought me so much joy.”

Rounding off the massive comment section was this one, and it is certain to be appreciated by Lindsay: “Every Disney princess around animals.”

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