I’m a female bodybuilder – men call me a ‘gym mommy,’ I workout when I’m sad so I can be jacked | The Sun

A FEMALE bodybuilder has decided to wipe her tears and lift some weights.

The devoted fitness fan admitted she works out when she's sad, but men call her a "gym mommy."

Nika Choj (@weronika.fitness) posted a video to feature her habit of using the gym as an emotional outlet.

The hardworking exercise girl posed in front of a mirror with her arms flexed.

She wore a tiny white sports bra that let her biceps and shoulder bulge around it.

On the bottom, her thighs projected out of her booty short fabric.

"And then I started thinking to myself," Nika's caption read.

The photo switched to show her and a friend during the early stages of her weightlifting journey.

She continued: "Why be sad when you can just be jacked?"

Nika swapped out a pair of tie-dye compression shorts for red ones.

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The motivated bodybuilder looked at her reflection and let out a roar.

Every muscle in her body curved and came out.

Though Nika's video was meant to highlight her love for the gym, male viewers were distracted by her beauty.

"Wow, beautiful," a passionate man wrote to her.

Another forward man said: "Another day, another gym mommy."

"Facts, mommy," an individual commented.

One supporter added: "Looking big. Keep up the good work."

The 20-year-old frequently posts her workout regimens as motivation for her followers.

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